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Industrial & Manufacturing Construction

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Outdoor daytime shot of Jewell Group building with a man-made lake out front.

Our Expertise

The construction process for industrial and manufacturing facilities is unique compared to other commercial construction projects. Overseeing these projects requires a skilled construction management team, well-versed in industrial construction services. Whether you are looking to build or renovate a manufacturing plant, warehouse, distribution center or other specialized industrial building, we will help identify your needs and provide a construction solution to meet your goals.

Project Considerations

Our objective is simple. We focus on functionality and safety while building or remodeling your industrial or manufacturing facility. Every project is built to the requirements of all building codes. The Twin Shores project team will ensure the design and supporting infrastructure meets that goal.

Our team also understands that, with manufacturing renovations, there will always be a need to work with each client’s specific production schedule. Our goal is for production to have as minimal downtime as possible, reducing any impact on your supply chain.

Interior of a small manufacturing facility.

We build clarity.

No matter your project scope, project square footage or project location, we understand that having a skilled general contractor with years of industry experience in industrial/manufacturing construction makes all the difference.

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Interior of a small manufacturing facility.