Preconstruction Services

Twin Shores completes the upfront work to ensure project delivery is on time and on budget.

At Twin Shores, we believe that the preconstruction phase is the most critical part of the commercial construction process. We build clarity, which means detailed planning upfront while working closely with the design team.

We provide constructability input to help determine the best way to approach each project. Our goal is to ensure every possible obstacle, including possible long lead times for construction materials, has been thoughtfully discussed. That is why we welcome and encourage construction site visits early in the preconstruction process.

Our preconstruction team consists of project managers, field managers, program managers and safety managers. They are involved in the preconstruction planning phase to provide industry expertise, mitigate risk and provide recommendations and safety evaluations prior to work beginning on each construction project. We believe that our involvement early on will enhance the overall performance of each project.

In collaboration with the design team, we thoroughly review the plans to provide the most accurate construction cost estimate. We take into consideration material selections and your ideal construction schedule.

As your construction manager, we will acquire the necessary permits to begin your project and oversee the subcontractor selection process. Once it is time to start construction, we can assure you that every single angle of the preconstruction process has been covered.

Our preconstruction services include:

Selection & Management of the Design Team

Twin Shores assists clients with suggestions for qualified architecture and engineering firms based upon project scope.

Design Feasibility & Reviews

Collaborating with the design team, Twin Shores thoroughly reviews architectural and engineering plans to determine whether a project is viable.

Project Site Visit & Analysis

Twin Shores conducts site visits with the design team to identify any unusual site issues and assess current structures.

Subcontractor Pre-qualification, Selection & Coordination

During the vendor selection process, project managers research and source vendors based on capabilities and scope, evaluate and negotiate contracts and oversee the selection process.

Budget Analysis & Constructability Review

To ensure a seamless project execution, Twin Shores conducts constructability reviews during and after the bid packaging process to help reduce any ambiguities resulting in reductions in construction site complications – this ultimately helps keep projects on time and on budget.

Value Engineering

Twin Shores provides constructability input and value engineering recommendations and related cost implications during the design phase of each project. Twin Shores’ goal is to maximize the project’s function while minimizing cost, resulting in providing the greatest value to our clients.

Preconstruction & Construction Scheduling

When the client has an ideal start date in mind, the Twin Shores team is able to back into the schedule to assess timelines and generate a construction schedule to meet that goal. The construction schedule holds each member of the project team accountable for their deliverables.

Permit Acquisition

Twin Shores works alongside the client and design team to acquire the necessary permits for projects – it is truly a joint effort. Permit requirements are contingent on the location and the scope of work for each project.

Safety Evaluations

Twin Shores performs safety evaluations prior to the start of each project, as well as throughout the construction phase. This helps field managers identify, analyze and mitigate any risks to ensure job sites are exceeding safety standards.